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Form and Function 形式と機能

Prologue — The Universe 宇宙 The universe didn’t want me to go to Japan. At ST8MNT, employees take a sabbatical after five years of work. The idea is to travel outside of the country to experience a culture and atmosphere other than our own. Gain some world experience. Get inspired to approach creative challenges from […]

Tapping Into a City’s Creative Scene

Do you feel disconnected from the creative scene within your city? Want the “in” on the first steps to connecting with artists around you? You’ve come to the right place. Finding a community of creatives can really make or break your experience in the city you call home. In the best case scenario this adventure […]

5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Internship

Are you eager to get involved in the creative workforce? Internships are a perfect way to get a taste of what your future career could look like. Not sure where to get started? Here are 5 tips to help land your dream internship from a current ST8MNT Design Intern.

A Sign is Worth a Thousand Words

Signage always says more than a company’s brand name. The materials used, the form and shape, the placement and the size all contribute to an instant judgement that passerby make about your brand. Every physical sign is an opportunity to create something unique that leaves a lasting impression on your audience in the physical world. […]

Breaking Free of Fear

Everyone feels fear. It’s something we all face. Some fears that businesses or brands face to stay relevant in the time are the fear of evolving technology, rebranding or starting anew, and the fear of failing or disappointing their audience. Confronting these fears and moving past your comfort zones is vital in your personal and […]

TEXTure: Sprucing Up the Surfaces of Your Typography

When it comes to sprucing up typography, we love a good texture moment. Whether it’s overlaying texture right on top or sprucing up the edges, it can be hard to decide what texture is right for your design. We’re gonna lay out a few of our favorite techniques for getting gritty.  

All Systems are Go

A brand system is the collection of visuals, messaging, and approaches that relate to the external interaction with your brand. Every element and word is essential in supporting your brand story, compelling audiences to understand and act in line with your goals. Branding communicates the brand promise through its brand system. The vision and goals […]

Couch to Creative: Your Guide to Getting Inspired at Home

Creativity comes in waves, much like positivity, happiness and health (as most of us learned in 2020). It can be hard to stay motivated with creative tasks when your scenery looks a lot like your feet propped up in front of your TV screen. Are you ready to step back into the creative light, but […]

Connect with Color

Color is a design element that leaves an impression in an instant to your entire brand audience. Some brands are very colorful and expressive, while others are neutral and more serious. Color plays an important part in brand recognition and consumer behavior, guiding people to make decisions based largely on their own subliminal perceptions. There’s […]