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Just My Type: A Book Review

Walk into the the art/design section of any bookstore nowadays and you’re going to be met with two categories of books. I like to divide them as such: the first “How to be a designer” (very boring and typically terribly designed) and the second being “The rich and the beautiful” (well-designed books that utilize interesting […]

Making The Stone Family Cookbook

While Austin and Aaron were busy having babies, I was cooking up a cookbook! When I said “I Do” to Joshua Butler last year, I married in to one of the most fun summer experiences I’ve ever known, the Stone Family Reunion. For a whole week, over 125 members of the Stone family gather at […]

Blexbolex! Blexbolex! Blexbolex!

A fun find for feeding the mind: A friend directed me to No Brow, a publishing of works by a wonderful collection of graphic artists, illustrators, and artists. There, I came across Blexbolex a French illustrator and artist based in Berlin who has created such works as Dog Crime, Abecederia, and No Man’s Land. Blexbolex’s […]