Launch Tennessee

Crafting a brand that empowers a collaborative network of entrepreneurs

Partners and innovators collaborating in Tennessee

Through statewide Network Partners (entrepreneur organizations) and public funding, Launch Tennessee connects and facilitates resources to investors and entrepreneurs to empower the overall ecosystem. We developed a bold brand language and clarified messaging for their multiple audiences, spanning across all footprints. The research phase was extensive, as we discovered opportunities that Launch TN can continue to explore, as well as seeking ways to advance and strengthen the state network of resources for future growth. Other states have developed networks, but Tennessee is unique in its collaborative spirit as well as investment and partnerships that have advanced various industries, including those in health care, music, agriculture, and technology.

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To better address both potential investors and entrepreneurs, we simplified verbiage to mean something, and better defined industry terms. In order to create a more accessible Launch TN, we clarified the services and resources that LaunchTN provides across the state to its audience of entrepreneurs, investors, and network organizations. By deriving points of confusion, we were able to resolve and link that network for users. With a clear goal and unified momentum, LaunchTN was able to hone in to a centralized focus and be inspired to act accordingly while making decisions and communicating with stakeholders.

Together, we were able to:

  • Promote and position Tennessee as the most startup-friendly state nationwide to entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Establish a clear and concise brand narrative that differentiates LaunchTN’s role from Network Partners across the state.
  • Clarify LaunchTN’s different offerings in the ecosystem to entrepreneurs, investors, and network organizations
Case Study

Launch TN - Mission

Launch TN - Vision

Network Overview - Launch TN

A Deeper Dive into the Network

The groups and stakeholders that have made Launch Tennessee an effective organization were all included among our research into the creation of marketing and communication. Creating and fostering intentional connections between each of these groups and individuals will continue to accelerate Launch Tennessee’s success.

Social Media

Scrolling through the Gram

Through a variety of social posts, the Launch Tennessee team needed templates that could be used for text announcements, education, promoting partners, sharing photos, and uploading other engaging content. We created a set of templates and a guide for their social team to create posts that fit within the brand standards and display information in a clean, eye-catching way. Leaving less room for guessing, the social platforms can continue to grow in audience, and serve to meet the vision of Launch Tennessee, captivating innovators to act with clear call-to-actions.

Social Media Assets in Motion

Announcing events and other highlights can be put in motion to capture attention on Twitter, Instagram, and beyond. We created templates where photos and event information can be easily swapped out.

The elements serve to inform followers about upcoming relevant information, and promotes in a manner that improves engagement and captivates followers.

Launch TN - Socials

The Look of Success

We are strong advocates for brands that have distinct touch points at every turn. We focus on the details, creating cover images across Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Youtube. Not only will this remind users of Launch Tennessee’s commitment to entrepreneurs, but also serves to create a defined, recognizable look wherever Launch Tennessee’s presence lives on.

Website and User Interaction

A Site Built for Progress

Before we started designing immersive webpages for the site, we took the previous site and reimagined the placement of content, allowing users to find the content they are looking for quicker. The site map was deconstructed and we built wireframes to lay the foundation of the user experience flow. This process is essential for both entrepreneurs and investors to find the resources, search events, and learn more about the steps that will lead to their success and interests.

Launch TN - Web
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Site Mobile and Responsive
Business Cards

Launch Tennessee - Email Signature

Let’s Get Down to Business

Through communication channels and events, Launch Tennessee communicates directly with visionaries around the state and beyond. It’s important to leave a mark, and we created both a print and digital version of the business card that visualizes that contact information with flair. Both the business card for in person connections and the digital signature for email communications are purposefully designed to stay brand-focused, while providing clarity and contact information.

A Template Deck for Every Audience

A collection of slides was created for consistent, professional presentations. Using the brand look, we discovered new ways to display images and text.

Launch TN - Presentation

Presentation powerpoint
Launch TN - Annual Report

The Annual Report celebrates the Year’s Positive Achievements

While most of Launch Tennessee’s communication lives through digital media, they also recognize their responsibility to deliver important achievements and data to their stakeholders every year. As part of the brand refresh, we brought the data to life through the 2020 version of that report. Instead of text-heavy charts and long-winded outlines, we took a more editorial approach to include photos, highlights of the year’s events and dynamic visual data.

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Annual Report - Insert