Retail Solutions - Lockup

Retail Solutions

Environmental design for a technology-enabled, high touch service brand.

Innovation in Cash Management

Retail Solutions is the only company to offer a fully comprehensive and connected environment for cash needs in Big Box and Small Box retail chains. They’re able to provide more complex and valuable insights from predictive knowledge discovered through artificial intelligence and machine learning, and easily integrate into business operations. ST8MNT was challenged to create an environmental experience at Retail Solutions’ office in Orem, Utah that fully informs prospects on their offerings, establishes a cohesive brand and helps position the company as the full-service cash management solution that stands apart from the pack.

Brand Development Process

In order to create a brand that accurately represented Retail Solutions, we collaborated with the Retail Solutions / G4S team to conduct several brand exploration exercises. ST8MNT established brand attributes, an overall brand moodboard and a tactile moodboard to set the tone and establish an overall vision for the project. Brand guidelines were developed in conjunction with the moodboard to maintain visual and messaging consistency throughout all applications.


With large amount of verbiage, ST8MNT needed to create a system that visualized the facets of Retail Solutions’ unique service offerings. Using the established brand colors and a monolinear style, icons were applied to digital screens and printed displays to explain cash processes and simplify messaging.

Forming a space of innovation and collaboration

It was essential for us to create and implement a complete site plan that outlined how the prospective customers would interact with the space as they traveled through it, and learn about Retail Solutions’ offerings. Moodboards and environmental research influenced our decisions and set a clear path forward in designing the journey.


Brand messaging was created and implemented through wall graphics and data panels. The tone of voice had to be concise, smart, data-driven and to the point. Messaging needed to educate prospective customers on Retail Solutions’ comprehensive cash management offerings, both inspiring and serving as a reminder of the brand’s ethos.

Walk-Through Experience

From entering the lobby to brainstorming in the Build Your Own Solution Room, careful decisions were made taking into consideration the full customer journey through the space. Brand messaging through wall graphics, signage and digital screens establish Retail Solutions’ core values, mission, unique value and full scope of offerings. Through sourcing furnishings, materials, tech needs and directing a custom build, we were able to create a cohesive and engaging brand experience that meets the business goals.


Prospective customers enter the lobby, can relax, have a cup of coffee in the lounge or can check emails at the welcome bar. A host station with Ipad and task chair became part of the plan for assisting guests as they enter. Branded wall graphics and six real-time data panels in the lobby area introduce the brand and establish credibility with key statistics.

Solutions Showroom

Prospective customers are led into the Solutions Showroom where they will read about Retail Solutions’ key benefits on large standees then go to either the big box or small box “Follow the Dollar” wall. A real-time demo of the software using machines and recyclers will commence, while the actual cash and recycler machines are there for test driving as well. Surface tablets connected to large video panels are at each station to walk through software and simulations with ease, and a long acrylic dry erase top shelf is there for jotting notes. Afterward, the guests test out KOYUS for themselves at a large touchscreen computer on the software demo wall.

Build Your Own Solution Room

After the Solutions Showroom demonstrations, the prospective customers can meet with the Retail Solutions team to discuss a custom solution that will fit their needs, in the laid-back “Build Your Own Solution” room. Whiteboards for collaborating on one wall, with a ceiling-mount projector connected to a Fire TV Stick for quick syncing to a team member’s tablet that projects on the opposite wall, paired with plenty of flexible seating options create a relaxed, pressure-free setting for brainstorming.

Conference Rooms

Conference and meeting rooms were updated with design elements to align with the brand experience. Brand messaging on walls and vinyl elements on glass panels were added to create a cohesive brand voice and feel throughout the entire office space.

Office Features

These stand-out features elevate the brand experience and ensure a dynamic and memorable journey from one area to the next.

Divider Wall

A statement divider wall serves to divide the large team working space from the Solutions Showroom naturally, without closing off the areas entirely. This custom-built divider wall with wood wall slats features an “INNOVATION” faux-neon sign on middle shelf, with positioning for some clever reflections on glass around the space.

Whiteboard Shelf

The slanted shelf informs the guests about the automation process and creates a long acrylic dry-erase area for jotting notes and explaining steps. The shelf also serves as a tablet holder and charging station for the connected Surface.

Technology Integration

The touchscreen tablet is used to demonstrate the software, KOYUS, being used to track cash in real-time. The larger screen allows guests to view the software, which is being mirrored from the tablet. When not in use, the tablet and screen default to a slideshow that features statistics related to Retail Solutions.

Video Panels

The Data Panels display statistics that are relevant to the cash transfer process and give accurate data about Retail Solutions’ ability to manage lots of money nonstop. The panels are engaging and help to build credibility with guests.

Naming the Software

Through research and naming exercises for their software application, KOYUS was born. The name features a subtle Greek mythological reference to Koios, the Greek god of farsight, resolve and intelligence. KOYUS sees beyond the obvious, using granular data and predictive algorithms that transform the way cash moves for Big Box and Small Box retail chains.

“Converting a vision into an actual center where we can host customers and prospects will directly assist with our aggressive growth targets. This is an amazing accomplishment.”

– Brian McCabe, President, G4S Retail Solutions