Thread Bank

digital / identity / naming
Thread logo on navy background

Introducing the future of small business banking. Driven by a customer-first mentality, Thread delivers a streamlined banking experience that connects the loose strands and untangles complications for small businesses. We leveraged the immense value of a connected financial ecosystem and banking solutions into the new name – Thread Bank – and corresponding brand identity. The result was a future-ready brand that felt approachable, innovative and trusted by enterprises.

navy logo

Following an intricate naming process, Thread speaks to how the bank itself charters individuals, entrepreneurs, fintechs, and small businesses to integrate fully compliant financial solutions into their customer experience. By leveraging digital-first solutions, their capabilities “thread” into existing systems to deliver a new level of interoperability and simplicity for everyday business and personal banking.

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thread typography
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thread logo on phone mockup
thread logo on a mug, thumb drive, and pen
Thread logo on a credit card and folder