Teacher Wallet

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The Teacher Wallet app gives teachers control not only over their licensure and credential data but also serves as a secure repository for their intellectual property such as lesson plans and curriculum designs. ST8MNT developed this friendly education industry app brand and interface designs for long time client and partner, Randa. The release of The Teacher Wallet marked the first purpose built blockchain solution for teachers, so visuals nod to this new way of securing identity and authenticity. The experience design was crafted to feel friendly, intuitive and easy for teachers to use as they move throughout schools, districts and states. The app shortens the onboarding time of a teacher to a new school and provides streamlined placement of educators within districts and schools. The dynamic data available to teachers allows them to identify the right opportunities to leverage their skills.


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teacher wallet app logo
Three phones showing different screens from the Teacher Wallet application
Image showing Teacher Wallet login
sketches for the Teacher Wallet application wireframes
Image of typography for the teacher wallet application
image of three phones showing different screens for the teacher wallet application.