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SpinIntel branding logo design

SpinIntel is an online software platform that provides music industry professionals with a new generation of analytical and management tools for visualizing and interpreting terrestrial radio airplay data. ST8MNT built a brand that considers all the pieces of data that comes from airplay analytics and creates a singular piece of work that is not only beautiful, but works in an efficient and seamless way. The uniqueness of the design speaks to the workflow customization that is available for SpinIntel users. The Spinintel mono-spaced typeface is a nod to original data driven computer type.

SpinIntel branding moodboard
SpinIntel branding attributes
SpinIntel branding logo
SpinIntel alternative logo lockups
SpinIntel branding color palette
SpinIntel branding typography
SpinIntel branding business card design
SpinIntel one sheeter design
SpinIntel step and repeat design