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Rubicon Global Logo

Branding for a Cleaner World

Rubicon is changing the waste management industry. The Atlanta, certified B corp, company utilizes cutting edge technology to provide waste management solutions for businesses, city governments and individuals across the world in order to create a more sustainable future.


Rubicon’s complete brand overhaul creates a clean yet dynamic brand voice. The Rubicon identity system enables a cohesive visual language that is adaptable enough to speak to multiple audiences of consumers and waste hauling partners. Brand elements like animated icons, a complete UI system and SmartCity isometric illustrations are seen throughout Rubicon’s website, social media platforms and multiple customer engagement campaigns. An extensive brand manual document with brand standards, messaging guidelines and a digital UI guide helps the Rubicon team keep their brand tone consistent across all platforms.

Rubicon brand imagery
Rubicon Brand Attributes, Personable, Bold, Innovative, Sustainable, Transparent, Efficient
Rubicon Knot Logo
Rubicon Alternate Black Logos
Rubicon color scheme
Rubicon ARS Maquette font family
Rubicon brand manual pages
Rubicon UI Elements
Rubicon UI Elements
Rubicon UI Elements
Rubicon smart city isometric illustration featuring buildings
Isometric government building SmartCity illustration for Rubicon
Rubicon website animated icons
Rubicon glass commodity animation featuring a hand waving a glass bottle
Rubicon paper recycling commodity animation featuring a piece of paper being thrown away
Rubicon waste management truck animation featuring a truck loading waste
Rubicon aluminum commodity animation featuring aluminum can on conveyor belt
Rubicon plastic commodity animation featuring a floating plastic bottle
Rubicon cardboard animation featuring opening and closing cardboard box


Website Redesign

No matter if you’re a small business owner, government official or waste hauler, Rubicon’s responsive website is designed to get you where you need to go. With many offerings and services, it was important to establish an intuitive user experience that would serve various audiences.


The homepage’s simple quiz funnels each audience’s user flow. The condensed navigation system is fixed to the top of the screen and is always a click away, promoting a persistent “Get a Quote” button to help drive sales. Custom CMS templates were built to make it easy for the Rubicon team to update and manage web content, blogs, a podcast channel interface and campaign landing pages.

Rubicon homepage desktop design
Rubicon Waste Container Options Responsive Web Design
Rubicon testimonials webpage design
Rubicon government web design
Rubicon global expansion webpage design
Rubicon blog page web design featuring post UI tiles
Rubicon podcast mobile web design
Rubicon podcast mobile web design
Rubicon podcast mobile web design
Rubicon X Labs landing page design
Rubicon Connect responsive tablet web design
Rubicon News responsive tablet web design
Rubicon Commodity desktop web design
Rubicon website design featuring expanded navigation menu and content slider


Rubicon Store

This e-commerce store offers a range of sustainability and recycling products to Rubicon’s audience, giving customers a one-stop shop for all of their waste management needs. The store links back directly to the Rubicon website to allow for a cohesive user experience for users to learn more about Rubicon’s services.

Rubicon store website design featured on angled laptop
Rubicon store responsive website design shown on a tablet
Rubicon store responsive website design shown on mobile phones


Waste Fit Champions

The Waste Fit Champions campaign encouraged Rubicon’s audience to nominate those who are working hard to make our world a more sustainable place. Candidates were nominated and selected as Rubicon’s Waste Fit Champions.


We created a logo and identity system with stylized illustrations, and a landing page on Rubicon’s website. The effort was supported by a marketing campaign which included a postcard printed on seed paper, digital ads and an email campaign.

Waste Fit Champions campaign logo for Rubicon
Waste Fit Champions landing webpage
Do you know a Waste Fit Champion email campaign design
Promotional postcard design for Waste Fit Champions campaign printed on seed paper
Waste Fit Champions campaign digital ads for Rubicon


Best Small Business in America

Rubicon’s Best Small Business in America campaign gave away $10,000 to a business that portrayed sustainability excellence. The campaign featured an “open sign” logo complete with illustrated key art were used across the campaign’s marketing collateral to evoke an aspirational tone. A responsive webpage, promotional postcard, email and digital ads were created to promote the campaign.

Rubicon's Best Small Business in America open sign logo design
Digital ad aggregation for Rubicon's Best Small Business in America campaign
Promotional postcard design on seed paper for Rubicon's Best Small Business in America Campaign
Rubicon's Best Small Business in America email campaign
Rubicon's Best Small Business in America responsive webpage design


Digital Ads

Digital and social ads were designed to promote the Rubicon brand with eye-catching graphics, encouraging people to click and learn more. Each ad was designed at various sizes to deliver a consistent message across social media and digital ad platforms.

Rubicon $100 giveaway digital and social ad aggregation
Rubicon food waste digital ad aggregation