Brentwood Bend

identity / environmental / naming
Woman hugging her daughter at a farmer's market with the Brentwood Bend logo overlaid

Nestled in the bend of Maryland Way, Brentwood Bend combines modern offices with a vibrant shopping and dining experience, all while embracing the beauty of natural surroundings. Located in Brentwood, Tennessee, this mixed-use development redefines the standard concrete and brick office park norm. Modern and welcoming, Brentwood Bend is a destination you’d enjoy coming to work at, meeting a friend for lunch or indulging in retail therapy. Step into a welcoming mixed-use environment where collaboration thrives, relationships flourish and a true sense of community exists at every corner. Discover perfect synergy in Highwoods’ newest hub for workers, local residents, neighbors and visitors to gather, work and play.


a collection of inspiration images for the Brentwood Bend brand
Image reads:
Image reads:
animation of the Brentwood Bend logo
representation of the different logo lockups created for Brentwood Bend
animation showing the different crests and logos created for the Brentwood Bend brand.
examples of patterns created for the Brentwood Bend brand.
a mockup of a social media post and an A-frame sign.
mockup of a tote bag and pole banner.
Mockup of a hat and tissue paper.