Artist Growth

digital / identity / ux
Artist Growth logo on ripped paper texture background with purple overlay

Artist Growth is the definitive platform for managing all aspects of modern entertainment and media business operations. What began as an application for musicians to manage their business, has grown into a bigger and more robust platform attracting a wider customer audience; thus, a rebrand was needed for the future. ST8MNT rebranded Artist Growth and developed a full identity system, built with the creators and industry professionals in mind. The playful, empowering creative direction communicates to the creator that this platform will help grow their dreams.


collection of inspirational images compiled in a moodboard for Artist Growth visual identity
list of Artist Growth brand attributes: Exploratory, Human, Playful, Community-Centered, Empowering

To further inform and position our approach with Artist Growth’s identity, we developed five user personas based on current and future brand audience segments.


Artist Growth creator persona images: The DIYer, The Visionary and The Believer
Artist Growth label persona images: The Sponsor and The Champion
Artist Growth logo

The logomark features abstracted wave forms converging, or collaborating, to reach greater heights. The icon plays well with the wordmark as it is simple, bold and easy to see at all scales. The graphic style is timeless yet progressive, enabling it to grow alongside Artist Growth in the future. The Artist Growth brand encompasses a collection of creative minds. The visuals embrace the playful and dynamic energy that come with creating music and content. They juxtapose bold type with hands on elements. Organic lines, torn paper and textures captures a collage-like feel with helps to illustrate the artistic expression that the users and makers of Artist Growth gravitate towards.

Artist Growth color palette showcasing primary (black, white and magenta), secondary (turquoise and plum) and tertiary colors (yellow and orange)
Artist Growth typography specimen: Antarctican Mono Semibold for subheadlines, Hubhead for hubheadlines and Acumin Regular for body text