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Large-scale Branding, or, How to Build the Tallest Building on Earth

What does the branding for the Laylow Hotel in golden Waikiki, Hawaii and the current tallest building on earth, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, have in common? They both started from the ground up. They both started small. And a heck of a lot of trust was involved in seeing them both to completion. In […]

Break the Rules

Anarchy right? The system is a construct. Why are there rules to begin with? Well if there weren’t, everyone would be a designer. A lot of time that’s already the case but that’s an entirely other blog post. Design has its rules and most if not all of them will help the design process and the end […]

Sabbatical: Finding Inspiration in the North of Europe

During my yearly review in February of 2014, Bethany asked me where I’d like to go for my 5-year sabbatical. I asked her what does this trip entail? She responded with – and I am exaggerating – you can go sit on your ass for two weeks on some remote island and stare at the […]