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Form and Function 形式と機能

Prologue — The Universe 宇宙 The universe didn’t want me to go to Japan. At ST8MNT, employees take a sabbatical after five years of work. The idea is to travel outside of the country to experience a culture and atmosphere other than our own. Gain some world experience. Get inspired to approach creative challenges from […]

All Systems are Go

A brand system is the collection of visuals, messaging, and approaches that relate to the external interaction with your brand. Every element and word is essential in supporting your brand story, compelling audiences to understand and act in line with your goals. Branding communicates the brand promise through its brand system. The vision and goals […]


Yup, I’m definitely not Catholic… so I didn’t really say any Hail Marys… sorry… but hey, it rhymes. There’s also some Pope stuff in the mix, so it’s relevant. Dude, I’ve been working for eight years. Five of them at the good ole ST8MNT BRAND AGENCY. AKA the best place in Nashville to work. Forget […]

Sabbatical: Finding Inspiration in the North of Europe

During my yearly review in February of 2014, Bethany asked me where I’d like to go for my 5-year sabbatical. I asked her what does this trip entail? She responded with – and I am exaggerating – you can go sit on your ass for two weeks on some remote island and stare at the […]

Das Typography.

Hello. I’m Zach, and I’m pretty new at St8mnt. I’ve been here for about a month doing design and web development. It’s been fantastic so far! I’m very grateful for the people I get to spend my days with. We work really hard here, but try to have a lot of fun. I’ve been here […]

This Is Not A Page Turner

Okay, we’ve had the Internet. Let’s ask a question: Did the web level the genetic playing field, or are the peaks and the pits further away than ever? Let’s go back to the beginning of the technology ramp for a second. Perhaps there really were some Einsteins among rock men, but, hey, their world was […]

Just My Type: A Book Review

Walk into the the art/design section of any bookstore nowadays and you’re going to be met with two categories of books. I like to divide them as such: the first “How to be a designer” (very boring and typically terribly designed) and the second being “The rich and the beautiful” (well-designed books that utilize interesting […]

Jacqui Get Your Gun

For a quick spotlight, I’d like to introduce you to the illustration and lettering work of Jacqui Oakley.  She lives in Hamilton, Ontario and teaches illustration at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. I first stumbled across Oakley‘s work a few years back on Designers MX (RIP), when she created a cover for her halloween […]

Making The Stone Family Cookbook

While Austin and Aaron were busy having babies, I was cooking up a cookbook! When I said “I Do” to Joshua Butler last year, I married in to one of the most fun summer experiences I’ve ever known, the Stone Family Reunion. For a whole week, over 125 members of the Stone family gather at […]

Ketchup Is Good For Me

OHHH•EMMM•GEEE!!! It’s TOTES Summer. And summer means grilling out burgers and condiments, namely Ketchup. There’s nothing like an ice cold bottled coke, a freshly salted carton of fries, and cool ketchup for dipping to beat a hot-ass Nashville summer day in the shade. In honor of our old crimson confidant, we’re diving into this sauce […]