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Customizing WordPress with Scheduler Plugins

As part of the work that ST8MNT is doing to boost enrollment for client Nossi College of Art, we created a number of landing pages (and main-site pages) intended to drive potential students to schedule site tours. The campus is beautiful, the instructors are friendly, the admission staff is persuasive — we know that if […]

Haters ‘Gon Hate (on Great Homeland Designs)

I stumbled across these Blue Note Jazz album-style covers for HBO’s hit drama HOMELAND. Ty Mattson released his self-initiated cover project on December 17th 2012, the day after the MIND-BLOWING (wink-wink) season two finale. Nice timing, Ty. At least 2 of ST8MNT’s 9 employees are blood-shot eyes, stay up for 9 days straight, don’t eat, hooked […]