Category: Photography

Natural, Man-Made Wonders

You may have already caught wind of these compelling shots from photographer Lincoln Harrison back in 2011. But with recent renewed interest in star calendars and the movement of our planet through this expanding universe, I think these are worth a revisit. Harrison is an accidental photographer who grew up in Bendigo, Australia. He never […]

New Branding for AM@FM, Arnold Myint

Introducing Arnold Myint’s newest quick-eatery, AM@FM, Arnold Myint at the Farmer’s Market! ST8MNT’s work is on display here with the creation of menus, a new logo to extend Arnold’s personal branding, display banners, and food photography by Josh Newman. Shout-outs given to ST8MNT designers Greg Frank and Alyssa Rachels. We worked hard to ensure AM@FM […]

The Contributor – Nashville’s Only Street Newspaper

This past Saturday ST8MNT as a whole attended AIGA Nashville’s ThinkTank conference. Speakers like Jessica Hiesch (Daily Drop Cap /, Sean Adams (Adams & Morioka), and Jina Bolton (Sushi & Robots) all gave us some insight into their worlds of design. While we were collectively inspired by all of the designers – Local Nashvillian […]