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Meet Emily Evans: Loves Branding (and mix tapes)

Fourteen and a half days. And counting. That’s how long I’ve officially been part of the ST8MNT team. Prior to that, I took a self-imposed hiatus to walk a little trail called the Camino de Santiago…all because I’d seen this movie. Prior to that, I knew the ST8MNT team in a different capacity: at my […]

She’s Crafty..NOT!

As I was buying Halloween supplies this week, I couldn’t help but notice the Christmas decorations were already on display, and that old familiar feeling of excitement coupled with dread washed over me. This is that time of year (holiday crafting season, duh) when I get overly optimistic about the number of crafts I am […]

Free Printable Holiday Bingo

There’s a lot to be excited to be about in December…. and then there’s the annual office holiday party. And while we here at ST8MNT love our holiday party, we also realize that not everyone is so lucky. If you’re dreading your Christmas shindig this year, fear not. ST8MNT is your hero. We’ve created a […]

Watch the Throne Kanye/JayZ First Single Cover

Allow me to introduce you to an awesome, yet very un-kosher cover for the upcoming Kanye/Jay-Z  joint, “HAM.” According to the the single itself, the cover was “Creatively Directed” by fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci. This is further proof that Jay-Z and Kanye are stupid rich and out of touch with their “hood” roots. However, there is a […]

Techno Fridays

Fridays here at ST8MNT we like to shake things up musically with a little European inspired Heart pounding EuroBeat Techno. Gotta love that synth Distortion. ¡Makes me wanna go play some Fütböl! We think you to should have a EuroTrashTechno Friday too: Cascada Pandora Station