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Yup, I’m definitely not Catholic… so I didn’t really say any Hail Marys… sorry… but hey, it rhymes. There’s also some Pope stuff in the mix, so it’s relevant. Dude, I’ve been working for eight years. Five of them at the good ole ST8MNT BRAND AGENCY. AKA the best place in Nashville to work. Forget […]

Free Printable Holiday Bingo

There’s a lot to be excited to be about in December…. and then there’s the annual office holiday party. And while we here at ST8MNT love our holiday party, we also realize that not everyone is so lucky. If you’re dreading your Christmas shindig this year, fear not. ST8MNT is your hero. We’ve created a […]

Thanksgiving Treat! FREE Keystroke Cheat Sheet

Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop beware: Tis the season for sharing our keystroke and shortcut gratitude. After recalling every shortcut, keystroke, and monkeyfist combo we use daily here at St8mnt, we put together a little gift for you this Thanksgiving: A FREE wallpaper detailing how to dexterously use Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. This keystroke and shortcut […]