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But First, Let’s Talk

As creatives, it’s tempting to jump into a project and immediately start designing. Our minds are nonstop generating ideas, logos, font combinations and color palettes we want to see executed. However, an essential part of our job is helping clients reach goals through a new, refreshed brand. This means taking a step back to discover […]

Tone Of Voice: Why, How, What

We like to think about tone of voice (TOV) as the way we talk to one another – but for a brand, tone of voice is how you portray yourself to the public. Your distinct tone sets the stage for the key messages and a visual identity to match your brand’s personality.  Solely reading something […]

How Design Has Perpetuated Racism

Graphic design can often be seen as a reflection of the times and we live in a society where racism has been prevalent since the beginning of our history. So, is it surprising that design has been discriminatory in the past? America has what you would call institutional racism prevalent in our society, which means […]

The Ins and Outs of Project Management

Project management… so much to think about as far as what this truly entails. From tracking project timeline and budgets, to communicating client + project expectations to the creative team, to creating healthy client relationships with true longevity, project management has lots of intricacies.

When Silence Is No Longer Viable For Your Brand

When a brand finds itself caught in the crossroads of a social, cultural, or political crisis, what is the proper response? Is it a better option to ride it out and remain silent, or does a brand have some kind of responsibility to take a stand, and/or illuminate it’s position on the social issues of the day.

2020 Social Media Trends

We’ve entered a new decade that happens to be one of the most transformative times in our lives, and that comes with great responsibility.  It is time to unlearn and learn all over again.  As we are in a middle of a COVID-19 pandemic and standing up to social injustice, what better way is there […]

So… What does “Integrated” Marketing Mean?

We are assaulted at all fronts and times by a virtual symphony of advertising methods, from consumer products to social suggestions, seemingly convenient references for items we couldn’t possibly live without or ever remember not having access to.

Brand Partners: How To Manage Social Media During COVID-19

Marketing teams, Social Media Managers and Brand Creatives… we see you. We know that in addition to managing your own anxieties, (and family needs) the brands, to which you devote the best of your abilities, must now also navigate this crisis with your help. We know your colleagues need you; your brand partners are counting […]