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Branding in the Skateboarding Industry

So you’ve heard of the skate brand Thrasher — but why? Skateboard companies’ unique branding identities and how they are portrayed is the key to success in the skateboarding community and beyond. Skateboard brands are a major aspect of the skateboarding industry and what it means to be a part of the culture. Outside of […]


We just uploaded our tornado shirt to facebook. Help us generate money to help the South recover from the tornados that tore through earlier this season. Check it out here, and tell all your friends! Oh and be sure to click the like button on my shirt helps. My Shirt Helps facebook page Shirts will […]

Japan Quake Relief

Part of the ST8MNT extended family lives in Japan. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families affected by this tragedy. We would love to help in anyway possible. Here are some quick ideas for a shirt to raise funds for the earthquake & tsunami that happened earlier. Thanks to our principle Josh Newman and […]

Watch the Throne Kanye/JayZ First Single Cover

Allow me to introduce you to an awesome, yet very un-kosher cover for the upcoming Kanye/Jay-Z  joint, “HAM.” According to the the single itself, the cover was “Creatively Directed” by fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci. This is further proof that Jay-Z and Kanye are stupid rich and out of touch with their “hood” roots. However, there is a […]

Clear and ready for take off!

It’s hard to believe that we branded Runway Pilot nearly 2 months ago, but we’ve had a busy summer at ST8MNT, so I guess time flies, literally. Runway Pilot is a new clothing company marketed towards pilots, and aviation aficionados. They launched their brand new webstore today, and it’s full of shirts, jackets, and hats […]


  So in this years annual “You are so Nashville if…” issue of the the Scene, the winner David Anthony won with this little piece of gold; “Your city flooded and all you got was a lousy T-shirt.” While we might be the butt of that joke, we know it’s simply a joke, and WE […]

Nashville Flood Relief T-Shirts

Josh’s good friend at texaSUS design had a sweet idea to use her design skills for good and not evil. Since floods suck, texaSUS is donating 100% of the profit to help Nashville’s rehabilitation from the flood. St8mnt helped make the online store and decided to throw some designs up to help the cause. You […]