Jacqui Get Your Gun

For a quick spotlight, I’d like to introduce you to the illustration and lettering work of Jacqui Oakley.  She lives in Hamilton, Ontario and teaches illustration at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. I first stumbled across Oakley‘s work a few years back on Designers MX (RIP), when she created a cover for her halloween […]

The Ghost Is Back!

March and April have been busy months for ST8MNT, and also for Adrian Younge with two new releases: “Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics” (a great listen, give it a try) and “Twelve Reasons To Die.” “Twelve Reasons To Die” is a concept album collaboration between rapper Ghostface Killah, composer Adrian Younge, and Adrian Younge’s band […]

Haters ‘Gon Hate (on Great Homeland Designs)

I stumbled across these Blue Note Jazz album-style covers for HBO’s hit drama HOMELAND. Ty Mattson released his self-initiated cover project on December 17th 2012, the day after the MIND-BLOWING (wink-wink) season two finale. Nice timing, Ty. At least 2 of ST8MNT’s 9 employees are blood-shot eyes, stay up for 9 days straight, don’t eat, hooked […]

Cagle Cut A Rug

Spring for many this year, consisted of avocados making a comeback, desperate mothers disappointed by the Hunger Games then inspired by 50 Shades of Gray, and Tupac conjured from the great beyond by Snoop Dogg’s hypnotic rhymes. At ST8MNT we were busy painting cowboys, and wrangling type. We had the privilege of working with Bigger Picture […]

Watch the Throne Kanye/JayZ First Single Cover

Allow me to introduce you to an awesome, yet very un-kosher cover for the upcoming Kanye/Jay-Z  joint, “HAM.” According to the the single itself, the cover was “Creatively Directed” by fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci. This is further proof that Jay-Z and Kanye are stupid rich and out of touch with their “hood” roots. However, there is a […]

Wu-Massacre Album Cover w/ Alternate Covers

There’s a new Wu-Tang Clan album… well sort of. It came out a while ago but it’s new to me and features three members of the Clan. I’m an avid fan of the Wu but somehow I missed this release on March 30, 2010. I didn’t find out about it until last week. I’m super out of […]