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Also Organics

A colorful and cohesive brand experience for CBD

Also Organics is a premium, ethically responsible cbd product line for the whole family.

We’ve been a part of the brand’s journey from before it was born – helping to define the brand collaboratively with the partners, consulting as Peck Design Associates designed the brand and product packaging, to leading the product launch into market, developing the e-commerce platform, building the brand out across channels, defining the customer journey, driving the marketing strategy + efforts, nurturing the community and creating ongoing content. With a call to find your balance and reach your full potential, Also Organics is an active brand that stands out in a noisy category.

Also Organics Homepage responsive design on mobile
Also Organics 1500 MG CBD Tincture product page responsive design on mobile
Also Organics navigation menu responsive design on mobile
Also Organics quiz page design on laptop


The CBD market is fairly new and Also Organics offers a wide range of products, in different forms and with different potencies. We identified a need for an easy way for customers who are just learning about CBD to pick the product that will best improve their general wellness. Our solution? A three-step quiz that uses conditional logic and conversational messaging to suggest the product that’s most suitable for any customer’s needs.

Wireframes and webpage designs for homepage, products listings page and product page


Before we began designing eye-catching webpages and creating a library of beautiful product photography, we built wireframes to lay the groundwork of the user experience flow. This process is essential for converting sales, as the customer must be able to easily navigate the site, learn about the various product offerings and make a purchase.

Webpage designs for The Science and product cart screens shown on a tablet


There’s a lot to learn about the benefits of CBD. Also Organics had an opportunity to not only become a trusted CBD brand, but to be an educational resource for consumers who want to learn more. The Science page explains how CBD affects your body and offers a full archive of the latest clinical studies and helpful links for customers to dig even deeper.


Shortly after landing on the site, visitors are offered a discount when they sign up for the email list. Not only does this incentivize the customer’s first product purchase, it enables us to continue to increase engagement through emails. Subscribers receive weekly content to inform them further on CBD and the products Also Organics offer, along with special promos only subscribers receive.

Email signup pop up design shown on Also Organics homepage

Product checkout process product screen on tablet
Product checkout process shopping cart screen on tablet
Product checkout process payment screen on tablet

Top down photo of Also Organics product box packaging including CBD gummies, gel caps, tinctures and topicals with gradient background


We let customers visualize how Also Organics will fit into their lives by using a mix of studio and lifestyle photography paired with an aspirational messaging tone. The product photoshoot, shot in our on-site studio by Kris D’Amico, The Vault, allowed us to create a library of assets which we’ve used for website images, media kits, social media, and marketing campaigns. Lifestyle images offer a different perspective, showing the products within the context of the audience’s daily routine.

Group Also Organics products photo on white background including CBD gummies, gel caps, tinctures and topicals

Stop motion animation showing a CBD tincture box opening with tincture bottle and insert coming out to reveal product


The use of stop motion has become a distinctive brand asset just as much as a color or tagline. Motion increases engagement by catching the eye of consumer. This visual motif is used in social media posts, emails and digital ads, contributing to a unified brand experience.


Each product page features several angles of the product, showing customers exactly what they should expect to get when they purchase.

Product page design featuring Also Organics Pets CBD Tincture

Lifestyle imagery including Also Organics CBD gel caps with blueberries and an orange slice, woman putting on CBD skin balm, CBD skin balm on a yellow striped pool towel with sunglasses and a magazineLifestyle imagery including Also Organics CBD tincture dropper in coffee, tincture and person on a yoga mat, hand sanitizer and hands with orange nail polishLifestyle visuals including CBD tincture animation, opened skin balm in hand with painted fingernails, Also Organics products and flowers on a rock


Lifestyle images represent the products in an authentic way, giving customers ideas of how they can integrate CBD into their lives. We’ve integrated lifestyle images with aspirational brand captions into the AO social media strategy, continuously creating engaging and relevant and uplifting content for consumers.

@alsoorganics Instagram posts promoting CBD gel caps and gummies on mobile phones
@alsoorganics Instagram posts shown on 3 mobile phones with gradient background


Social media marketing is a huge key to Also Organics’ success. We’ve developed a strong Instagram presence by establishing a fluid social media marketing strategy that is nimble enough to change course as CBD restrictions change. Producing relevant and diverse, yet brand-consistent content across channels, running paid social campaigns, and engaging with micro-influencers with product reviews and giveaways – all supports the engagement + growth. Also Organics’ uplifting and hopeful brand messaging and playful graphics have created a unique brand voice embraced by the social media audience.

Also Organics social image grid including 9 graphics including lifestyle images, product images and styled text with branding elements


Each Instagram post and story is crafted individually, as well as within the context of the feed. Stories offer press earned, news, community connections and partners appreciated. Product education, audience connection, seasonal promotions and brand manifesto, make for a diverse and engaging feed. While many posts are planned in advance, sometimes messages need to be spoken with earnest immediacy. We make sure to stay flexible and authentic when creating content that represents the Also Organics brand.

@alsoorganics Instagram post featuring Pets Tincture and grey and white cat on mobile phone
@alsoorganics Instagram post featuring July 4th promotion on mobile
@alsoorganics Instagram post featuring a lifestyle photo of a parent and child
Also Organics Linktree webpage
@alsoorganics Instagram stories featuring Self-Care Pack bundle and free CBD hand sanitizer promos
Aggregation of Also Organics html5 digital ads


We create cross-platform marketing campaigns to spread awareness of the brand, grow channel followers and the email list, and boost sales. Each digital ad, social ad, story, post or email features a strong and clear call to action, telling the potential customer what they should do next. Seasonal promotions and limited time offers entice action. Digital ads direct customers to the e-commerce site and landing pages, while educational campaigns like blog posts encourage the customer to tap to learn more and move down the funnel.

@alsoorganics Instagram story promoting blog campaign featuring a mother and child doing yoga on mobile
@alsoorganics Instagram story promoting blog campaign featuring a person with purple nail polish holding CBD skin balm on mobile
Also Organics blog campaign page featuring article about CBD topicals on mobile

Also Organics digital ads featuring get and give promotion


The Get / Give campaign offered customers a discount and gave them a discount to share with their friends. This campaign promoted positivity while offering an incentive to spread brand awareness.


We wanted Also Organics to stand out among the competition. Knowing that these ads would be placed on a partner site with a light-colored background, the dark blue ads with colorful gummies offer a strong contrast to catch the attention of consumers.

Aggregation of Also Organics digital ads featuring 20% discount promo with CBD products on blue background

Product confirmation and product promo emails for Also Organics shown in browsers on a gradient background


Email is an integral part of the shopping experience and a powerful marketing tool. We’ve customized an email for every step of the order process, incentivize and acquire product reviews, built nurture drip campaigns for customers, and build the community with weekly campaigns to educate on CBD and promote products.

CBD for Seniors blog and hand lotion promo emails shown on mobile phones for Also Organics


Clever copywriting and lifestyle images help to create authentic messages for the Also Organics audiences. With three target audiences across a wide range of demographics, we make sure our visual and written communication is speaking their language.

Product review and customer re-engagement email template designs for Also Organics
Email designs including CBD skin balm and lotion promotions for Also Organics


What better way to boost SEO and reinforce your lifestyle brand than with an active blog? Each week we deliver a new SEO driven blog post that’s hosted on The CBD Stories blog is an opportunity to spread the word about CBD’s benefits, weigh in on popular CBD search subjects, and clear up any misconceptions. Hosting the blog on the AO website allows products to be only a click away.

Also Organics CBD Stories blog page design on tablet

Also Organics CBD Stories blog featuring a feed of articles with filter system UX
CBD Stories blog post template design featuring CBD for Seniors blog by Also Organics
Influencer kit box packaging design featuring branded packaging tape for Also Organics
Opened box featuring side and interior packaging design of the influencer kit by Also Organics
Opened influencer kit featuring several Also Organics CBD products and branded enamel pins
Inserts design featuring the headline Someday has arrived for influencer kit box with drop shaped paperclip for Also Organics


Sending product kits by mail to micro-influencers helps us to spread the word about Also Organics. The box was designed with wow-factor for impressive unboxing videos. They are also supported with an influencer asset pack we created to empower them with everything they would need. A curated list of influencers share their experience and product giveaways through Instagram and other social media platforms, establishing credibility with their followers. The package contains some of the products, enamel pins and a printed info card and note from the founder. Brand messaging is hidden on the inside flaps of the box, revealing the message “it’s your time to shine” when the box is opened.

Instagram story from @taralynemerson unboxing Also Organics influencer kit
Instagram story from @neginfotografy unboxing Also Organics influencer kit
Instagram story from @lucid_bunnyy unboxing Also Organics influencer kit

Also Organics trade show branded tablecloth


A custom tablecloth and pop up banners help Also Organics tell their story at various events and business tradeshows. These materials help educate attendees about their organic line of products and wholesale offerings.


We made use of pop up banners to explain how CBD benefits your body and explain the benefits of Also Organics product line.

Pop up banner designs featuring CBD science facts and benefits icons as a part of a trade show collateral package for Also Organics

Also Organics print collateral including wholesale price guide booklet, one sheet, postcard and branded note on gummies packaging


A sales materials package was created to help the sales team tell their story to wholesale clients. The package includes a wholesale price guide, one sheet, products card and a product message tag. We also created brand merchandise including a brand messaging tee, polo, patch, track jacket, rolling suitcase and enamel pins to give the sales team a laid back but well-put together look that reinforces the brand, leaving no detail untouched.

Image grid featuring uniforms and merchandise design for Also Organics including live more tee, branded suitcase, branded logo patch, embroidered logo blue polo, enamel pins and embroidered logo white track jacket
Photo of various Also Organics products including CBD lotion, tinctures, pain salve, skin balm and gummies using an isometric angle on a gradient background