Author: Genevieve Grigore

The SEO Basics

Let’s start off by defining SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Pandemic Burnout is real AF

It was two months ago, and I hit that burnout wall.  I became unmotivated, lacked energy, and my eyes and head hurt from staring at screens all day, from my work computer, phone, and television.  Trying to escape the virus and bad news seemed nearly impossible. I always enjoyed staying busy, well that is what […]

2020 Social Media Trends

We’ve entered a new decade that happens to be one of the most transformative times in our lives, and that comes with great responsibility.  It is time to unlearn and learn all over again.  As we are in a middle of a COVID-19 pandemic and standing up to social injustice, what better way is there […]

Rebels’ Advice On How To Stay Connected

We spend most of our time at work interacting with our co-workers, and for most of us, it’s our main source of social interactions with other human beings. Well, this was before we were disrupted by COVID-19 and sent to work from home for the foreseeable future. It’s a rough time for so many of […]