Author: Abby Murdock

Our Best Tips for Naming Your Brand

What’s in a name? Shakespeare said this in 1597, but that doesn’t mean it’s not relevant today. The insight within this quote is that the goal of “naming” things, people, businesses, etc. is to differentiate one from another. When it comes to naming your business or brand, the qualities of a good name include 1) […]

TEXTure: Sprucing Up the Surfaces of Your Typography

When it comes to sprucing up typography, we love a good texture moment. Whether it’s overlaying texture right on top or sprucing up the edges, it can be hard to decide what texture is right for your design. We’re gonna lay out a few of our favorite techniques for getting gritty.  

Couch to Creative: Your Guide to Getting Inspired at Home

Creativity comes in waves, much like positivity, happiness and health (as most of us learned in 2020). It can be hard to stay motivated with creative tasks when your scenery looks a lot like your feet propped up in front of your TV screen. Are you ready to step back into the creative light, but […]

Moodboarding: 101

Let’s just go ahead and say it… Moodboarding is (among other important things) one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps in the brand building process. Your moodboard not only serves as a guiding north star for your brand, it can also be considered the foundation as to which your brand will grow and expand on. It’s […]

Leveraging Your Brand Personality

What causes a person to try a product for the first time? Why do you keep going back to that same old pizza joint? The pepperonis?! (maybe) No! It’s the PERSONALITY! That brand (whatever the service or product may be) gives off a certain energy that you connect with on a personal level. It’s a […]

Why Are We Still Talking About this “Line” Between Art and Design?

Well, hello there Kevin, Glenda, Frank, Patricia, whatever your name may be, I brought you here today to have you ponder over one simple question: how exactly do we define what we consider to be fine art versus “graphic design”? BOR-ING (amirite?). This question has been asked over and over and over again, and let’s […]