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Wellengood Partners is a friendly hospitality firm that develops, builds and operates great hotels. Though they have decades of experience at their craft, a tired identity just wasn’t serving them well, so ST8MNT stepped in to help them discover their true self with a fresh new brand just as welcoming as their service. Wellengood helps first-time hoteliers, seasoned real estate investors and hospitality veterans achieve their goals, by being a trusted and experienced resource. The ST8MNT team dug in to Wellengood’s brand essence to develop naming and a full visual identity system that reflects their core personality and attracts clients.

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Wellengood Partners naming offers an opportunity to speak into the company’s ethos. Formerly Senate Hospitality, their old name didn’t say a lot about who they were. The name “Wellengood” comes from the phrase “well and good,” suggesting the company will make sure clients, customers and employees are always well and good. The name walks the line of being approachable, but sounding well-established which perfectly represents the company. The company’s name is “Wellengood Partners,” but can be referred to simply as “Wellengood” in less formal instances.

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