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Triplicate is an on-demand print company with an outcome equal to screen-printing, that promises a guarantee of quality & flexibility. Triplicate was formed in 2022 by Gooten, an established name in the garment printing industry. ST8MNT took on the task of naming this company and developing a brand that is just as precise and innovative as the techniques they use.


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By definition Triplicate means “a thing which is part of a set of three copies or corresponding parts” and “three copies all alike”. Both of these interpretations speak directly to the foundation that Triplicate prides itself on. On one hand, it is the third piece to the dominating force that is printing and garment. On the other hand, it references the precise quality Triplicate embraces with its ability to produce unparalleled printing, replicated in as many copies as needed.


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The Triplicate color palette is derived from the colors associated with CMYK in printing. These bright saturated colors communicate confidence and assuredness. The tertiary colors are inspired by the colors found in the interaction of the primary colors when they are overlapped.


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