Randa Kinect Experiential Installation

digital / motion / environmental

Randa, an education technology firm, has an impressive lobby that we enhanced with an experiential installation. Using two Kinect cameras mounted on the ceiling we capture the motion, in real-time, of the visitors and use it to trigger the motion of particles on a large screen installation to build and manipulate the shape and color of their displayed logo.


In the video and image collection below we share several snapshots within the visual and technical approach of the project. From top to bottom we step through the various stages as we build the particle system, test the data capture from the Kinect, create the technical execution to affect the particle attractors, choose the body parts of the viewer to capture data from, and finally marry it all together into a final piece.


Now, as visitors pass through the lobby, they’re presented with an interactive experience using their motion to change the graphics on the screen.