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Podswag is a company dedicated to selling merchandise for podcasts on the Stitcher network, a subsidiary of SiriusXM. This client came to us needing a refresh for their e-commerce site. Our team started with a clean Shopify template, then used custom development to bring in Podswag’s own brand visuals, including type, colors, backgrounds, illustrative elements, icons and more.

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Essential to any e-commerce site are the product photos. Not only do they showcase the item in the best light, but they also set the tone. For this project, it was important that we provide fun & personality driven shots that embody each podcast. Various shoots call for different aesthetics, but for each the first step is compiling inspiration imagery. After establishing the look of the shoot, backdrops are sourced or created and then the shooting begins! In post production we ensure that the colors are true to life, remove any stray marks or accidental debris, and apply any effects that help achieve a look we are going for. Below are excerpts from multiple shoots, showcasing a comprehensive look at our process and deliverables.


Inspiration Imagery
inspiration imagery podswag moodboard



podswag pixel backdrop
holographic backdrop podswag
podswag cloud backdrop
podswag checkered backdrop



Setting Up The Shot
podswag photoshoot
podswag photoshoot
podswag photoshoot
podswag photoshoot
Before & After Editing
podswag photoshoot before and after editing brown enough
podswag photoshoot before and after editing



Final Shots
podswag photoshoot stills
podswag photoshoot
podswag photoshoot
podswag photoshoot
podswag photoshoot