Nashville Classical Charter School

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An A+ Brand Refresh

Nashville Classical Charter School is a charter school with the mission to educate every child for academic success and personal excellence in high school, college, and life. Nashville Classical began as the brainstorm of dedicated community activists and experienced urban educators. As the school has grown and additional locations are on the horizon, a brand refresh was needed to match their more polished and established presence. During the discovery phase, we gathered data from leadership, educators and parents, to tap into their true brand essence. We embraced the idea of being boldy joyful, while maintaining their core principles. In addition to freshening up and expanding the brand system, we designed a website to create the best first impression to potential students, parents, staff and community members.

Brand Pillars You Can Count On

Logo Refresh

We wanted to maintain the same visual idea of a column, but upgraded to have a more modern feel. Simplifying the logo was a practical decision for easy use on a variety of mediums, taking into account that a school’s logo must be used in a plethora of different scales. While the look and feel is different, the founding intent is the same, communicating straight away a vision of classical education.

Logo Anatomy

Logo Variations

Color and Typography

Website Design

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