Motif on Music Row Hotel

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Motif on Music Row boutique hotel logo on white wall

For over 40 years, Sila Developments has been involved in shaping Nashville’s hotel landscape. They partnered with ST8MNT to collaborate on an exciting new project—Motif—a boutique apartment-style hotel positioned in the heart of one of the city’s most prolific neighborhoods, Music Row. The engagement resulted in a re-envisioned visual brand identity for the Motif on Music Row hotel, guest collateral concepts, signage design and full website for the hotel’s official launch in late 2023.


Moodboard imagery with warm tones and retro record-label inspired graphics with Music City Hideaway text and brand attributes which read

The client had a previous logo iteration that did not represent the brand well, so we went to work on the logomark and typography. The logomark developed for Motif on Music Row was crafted to represent the letter “M” while concurrently to the hotel’s connection to the city with attributes that resemble the head and stem of staggered music notes. The curvatures in the logo and letterforms of the wordmark give it a distinct sophistication while still bearing qualities of approachability and warmth. It’s accommodated by a dynamic elements in an identity system that strikes an exceptional balance between contemporary and retro. A set of patterns that further utilize the brand’s logo, typography and repeating concentric circles reminiscent of a spinning vinyl record.


Logo anatomy diagram of the Motif on Music Row logo which explains that the ends of the custom logotype match the curved corners of the logomark icon, Identifier highlights the location and the logomark icon represents an
Logo system featuring five logo variants of Motif on Music Row, including horizontal, vertical, stacked and a badge version that says Nashville, Tennessee
Typography system with colors which reads
Branded Motif image treatments including a half tone mixing board, vintage film style photo of coffees, duotoned guitarists and refracting pool water
rooftop pool with Motif on Music Row hotel branding as underwater tile logo design
Illuminated neon boutique hotel window signage for Motif on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee
Motif on Music Row neon boutique hotel brand sign at night in Nashville, Tennessee
Pool floor tile mosaic insignia featuring Motif on Music Row brand logo design
Custom logotype pattern design on boutique hotel keycard on wood background
Motif on Music Row branded hotel bed note which reads
Motif on Music Row hotel door hanger which reads
Branded Motif on Music Row hotel entry logo door mat
Boutique hotel branded coffee cup with Motif on Music Row logo stamp
Motif blue on light blue brand logotype pattern design
Motif on Music Row boutique hotel website homepage mockup
Motif on Music Row boutique hotel landing page mockup featuring United Artist suite
Hotel landing page design with email signup form for Motif on Music Row
Mobile website design screens for boutique hotel Motif on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee


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Motif on Music Row boutique hotel brand logo crest with brand name and Nashville, Tennessee identifier text wrapping around the logo mark