Morgan Wallen x Spotify

Image of Morgan Wallen

Creative Direction

Morgan has an undeniable ability to connect with his audience. His perspective is relatable and genuine to his fans. While he’s the guy you’d want to kick back and watch the game with, he has the ability to connect with his fans on a raw, honest, emotional level. This campaign direction takes fans to Morgan’s turf and uses video footage to let fans feel like they’re hanging out with the country star. Fans will get to know him a little better, understand the meaning and inspiration behind his music and share a few laughs with that boy from East Tennessee.

Goals Excite and inform fans of Spotify exclusive content Generate fan interaction through social media Show both sides of Morgan sensitive and fun-loving Enable genre crossover by allowing fans to relate to Morgan on a personal level

Concept pitch: Tailgate Tales

What better place to hear from Morgan than from his truck? Video footage will capture Morgan talking about his inspirations, driving around to his favorite local spots and letting fans feel like they’re hanging out with Morgan on his own turf. Documentary style footage would be shot with Morgan driving a truck to different locations in Sneedville, Knoxville or Nashville. Interview footage would be shot in a garage with Morgan sitting on his truck’s tailgate with a “Dangerous” neon sign in the background.

Fan Engagement Idea: Wallen Out Filter

Snapchat and Instagram users will have the opportunity to transform into Morgan through a filter on social media. This filter would include Morgan’s mullet, mustache, dangle earring, cut off flannel shirt, etc, all while playing the album’s focus track for release.The filter graphics would feature the Spotify logo, highlight the name of the album, and would link to the enhanced album on Spotify (when applicable on social media platforms).

Photo Shoot

Spotify Collaboration

We worked hand in hand with our client, Spotify, to create an exciting and engaging roll out for Wallen’s “Dangerous” album. We created a range of footage for stories and social ads, featuring rapid fire questions and a heart-to-heart interview just for the fans. Other deliverables included billboards that were posted across North America along with Spotify app banners.