Bobby Hotel Bones Mural

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Bobby Hotel Bones Room Environmental art

The Bobby Bones Mural was created to perform as an intriguing and mystifying work of art, living in a secret room located within the Bobby Hotel. The room backs up to the legendary Printer’s Alley, with a large window that looks out at the historic nightclub – Skull’s Rainbow Room. With a nod to the “skull,” and taking inspiration from ancient bone chapels and catacombs, our creative director began working on this piece within the virtual reality sculpting program known as Oculus Medium. Once all of the main bone structures were formed within this digital reality, each piece was then 3D-printed using Raise3D Technologies. Our team combined the 3D-printed bone structures with found object materials, and arranged them on a custom designed and cut frame to create a stunning assemblage piece.

The secret room where this mural lives is located within a private dining room on the hotel grounds. The bone structures and design also serve as inspiration for the custom-designed menus that come with the use of the dining room for private events. This one of a kind piece truly is a unique product of process, a maze of relics and inspiration, that will no doubt continue to spark conversation (and Instagram love) for anyone that has the viewing pleasure.

Detail of Bobby Hotel Bones Room Environmental art
Smoky detail of Bobby Hotel Bones Room Environmental art
Bobby Hotel Bones Room Menu
Hotel Private Dining room menu