Be You Medical

identity / print
All the Be You Medical logos and alternative marks laid out in pattern on tan background

As one of the top 10 Botox and filler practices in the United States, Be You Medical is a California-based med spa led by Dr. Selene Castrejon-Dunham. The team at Be You is committed to enhancing natural beauty using aesthetic medicine and asked ST8MNT to help reflect this mission in a new brand identity. Making a strong first impression, the final brand system balances a natural essence with modernity through neutral colors, luxurious type and elevated marks to instill trust, comfort and luxury.


Moodboard of images that sets the tone with visual inspiration
Brand Attributes written out: sophisticated, natural, clean, comforting, radiant, luxury
Primary Be You Medical logo in brown and tan
Be You Medical horizontal logo repeated 5 times alternative off white and tan
Full logo script in tan and off white on brown background
Icon repeated in a line 5 times with each brand color
Brand typography is laid out with headline, subhead, and body text
3 BYM submarks displayed in a row
Mockup of stationary with an example of a services menu and back of postcard
Graphic example with text
Business card mockup on textured background
Mockup of BYM monogram on athletic jacket
Mockup of BYM monogram on athletic jacket closer up