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Meet Emily Evans: Loves Branding (and mix tapes)

Fourteen and a half days. And counting. That’s how long I’ve officially been part of the ST8MNT team. Prior to that, I took a self-imposed hiatus to walk a little trail called the Camino de Santiago…all because I’d seen this movie. Prior to that, I knew the ST8MNT team in a different capacity: at my […]

Wine Label Design: Creating Humble Pie

Recently we’ve had some wine and spirits packaging rolling out onto local shelves: All Purpose Shine, Short Cake, and coming soon: Humble Pie, a new cabernet from Nashville-based BNA Wine Group. With these new roll-outs, we wanted to walk you through a small snapshot of whats it like to work on these from beginning to end […]

Ketchup Is Good For Me

OHHH•EMMM•GEEE!!! It’s TOTES Summer. And summer means grilling out burgers and condiments, namely Ketchup. There’s nothing like an ice cold bottled coke, a freshly salted carton of fries, and cool ketchup for dipping to beat a hot-ass Nashville summer day in the shade. In honor of our old crimson confidant, we’re diving into this sauce […]