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Enjoy Your Stay: 5 Hotels With 5 Great Brands

It’s always disappointing when you’re planning your next getaway, and you come across a find with branding that spot on, but the architecture, rooms, and interior execution is not. And disappointing if its the reverse – an exceptional hotel deserving of exceptional design. Basically, gold shouldn’t be rolled in shit. So…We’ve made a list of […]

London 2012: Designing for the Past, Present and Future

Beijing 2.0 is below the fold and the London 2012 “Touh-na-mint” is well underway. Hidden in plain sight is an ascerbic graphic aesthetic, constructed by various design thinkers and, strangely enough, conceived with different time periods in mind. The time-and-place design curveball gets thrown every now and then, and we constantly adjust our philosophical swing. Sometimes […]