SVG version of the Bread & Company one color full horizontal logo for B&Co in Nashville, Tennessee

Bread & Company

Hospitality branding and experience

Horizontal logo, circular penny logo, Tennessee tea drop, taste Tennessee branding elements as part of visual identity system for Bread & Company in Nashville, Tennessee

Reinventing a hometown hero

When a new owner stepped in, it was clear there was brand equity to resurrect and refine. ST8MNT has been proud to partner with the Bread & Company team on the rebrand.

A Nashville favorite, known for it’s fruit tea and yummy bread, was in desperate need of a revamp

Bread & Company circular logo as door vinyl signage for restaurant location in the West End neighborhood, Nashville, Tennessee

ST8MNT re-imagined the dated logo, and gave it a modern take. Warm, fresh, natural ingredients infused with an urban cleanliness and no fuss illustrations elevates B&CO, but keeps it true to its roots.

Bread & Company printed menu layout and design for restaurant location in the West End neighborhood, Nashville, Tennessee

Sitting on the fence between city & country, like Nashville

The new Bread & Company menu offers old and new items, but needed all new organization and an updated design that ST8MNT had a blast creating. The details blur back and forth between modern and natural, making it a perfect fit for Nashville.

Signage, coffee cup, bubblers and menu design for Bread & Company.

Bread & Company fruit tea growler packaging, tea dispenser wraps, coffee dispenser wrap for West End location restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee

In Store details create a memorable experience

A user-friendly menu board, easy to follow wayfinding signs, beverage machine wraps, product labels, environmental art and more, were all designed to make for a pleasurable and easy experience, as well as leave a lasting impression of the brand with the customer.

and to please the masses, designer growlers to take home large quantities of fruit tea!!!

Bread & Company tea bubbler dispenser signage design for sweet, unsweet, fruit teas and cucumber lemonade for B&Co restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee

Seriously, go try the fruit tea. The focus groups couldn’t say enough about it, and our taste buds couldn’t agree more!

Bread & Company images of coffee dispenser wraps, growler packaging on shelf, tea dispenser wraps for West End restaurant location in Nashville, Tennessee
Home page design of all responsive states for Bread and Company restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee

A website built for the hungry mobile user

The importance of optimizing a site for a successful tablet and mobile experience is essential with the rising amount of mobile forward users – especially in the restaurant industry where many customers are on the road, searching for options. We dove head first into this subject with strategic thinking for Bread & Company. Check out our blog post, “Significance of Optimizing for the Modern Mobile User” for more on the subject.

ST8MNT created a site equipped with an ultra mobile friendly site navigation and food menu, as well as showcasing the updated brand. Our design is focused on users on the go, looking for a quick lunch spot, or ones wanting to dive into an interactive menu. The menu item spotlight area gives Bread and Company a space to promote seasonal and new offerings.

Interactive Menu home page design for Bread and Company restaurant website in Nashville, Tennessee

Interactive Menu

The food menu was top priority for Bread & Company. We took our print menu design and altered it into a web ready menu that is responsive and interactive. Sections of items are grouped together to help guide and focus users. These expandable areas condense the page length ultimately making the user experience more efficient. It was imperative to showcase the Bread & Company food menu in a clean and digestible fashion.

Mobile and tablet design of home and catering pages for Bread and Company restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee