One color logo for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California

BNA Wine Group

Branding for Top Shelf Californian Wines

Wine Bottle images of Humble Pie, The Rule savignon blanc and cab sauv, Short Cake Zinfandel, Butternut Chardonnay wines for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California

BNA Wine Group boasts five wine brands hailing from the West Coast that you can enjoy in all fifty states: The Rule, Butternut, Volunteer, Short Cake and Humble Pie. We had the pleasure of developing the company brand identity, new wine brand identities and their retail packaging, as well as consumer social presence.


A very jammy wine perfect for picnics

Nanna’s Short Cake is a beautifully complex Zinfandel wine that fuses flavors of berries, strawberries and currants. When going to the drawing board, we wanted to craft a label redolent of strawberry patch signage, so we incorporated a dilapidated cardboard texture and outside hand lettering. The end result is a great label that, when dribbled with a little wine, is even more lovely. And the fresh market look of the retail boxes really stand out amongst competitors in the liquor store as well.

Packaging for Nanna

27% of all wine is purchased without knowing a single thing about the contents inside the bottle.

Sunny Brown Wine Geeks

Humble Pie typographic logo for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California

Deep blue promises rich cabernet flavor, and a visual pop on the shelf

When BNA Wine Group conceived of the name “Humble Pie” for their newest Cabernet Sauvignon release, it was a nod to the old saying, and to inform of rich, intense flavors you expect with pie. We developed a die cut “pie” design that showcases the “upper crust” taste of the Humble Pie Cabernet Sauvignon. The label features a creamy “crust” texture stock and approachable blue type treatment, further accentuated with a light emboss. It gives the feel of farm-to-table, Americana, honest, blue ribbon, enjoyable, and complementary design.

Front and back labels for Humble pie wine for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California
Box and bottle packaging of Humble Pie wine for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California
The Rule one color logo for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California

The Rule defines what a Napa Valley wine should be, following each sacred “rule” for success

BNA Wine Group approached us for a redesign of The Rule, a wonderfully silky cabernet sauvignon with a ho hum label, though a great wine score on performance. When ST8MNT went to work on a re-design of the packaging, we wanted only a slight tweaking of the existing brand logotype for the label so that it would still be recognizable to it’s loyal consumers, but a powerful change for the shelves to bring many more to try it out. The label’s end result incorporates the complexities of architectural line work, inspired by blueprints, and the rules of structure, which adds depth to the story behind the name. The new, bold black with large authoritative “R” commands attention on the shelf. With The Rule Cabernet’s wild success, BNA Wine Group developed a Sauvignon Blanc as a companion. We designed a gold-hued beauty on shimmery warm paper stock that compliments the lemon zest, white peach and jasmine notes.

Box and bottle packaging design for The Rule cab sav, BNA Wine Group, Napa, California
Bottle and box packaging for The Rule sauv blanc for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California
One color logos for Butternut pinot noir and chardonnay for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California

Butternut, BNA Wine Group’s original brand

Butternut Chardonnay is BNA Wine Group’s biggest brand with the most longevity. It has strong market awareness and performance, so ST8MNT applied tasteful tweaks, enhanced details to the labeling and built out retail packaging further as the brand has grown up. With the chardonnay’s success, a Pinot Noir companion was added that we designed as part of the Butternut family. Richness and depth is communicated through the paper texture

Packaging design for Butternut Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc box and bottle labels for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California

Social Media engagement

In addition to creating the individual Facebook wine pages for consumers to connect with, we created promotional postings for Facebook. Posts span from promoting individual wine brands to celebrating wine or wine-related events. Since managing Facebook for BNA and its brands, we increased likes 600% — taking their likes from 1,800 to over 12,000 in just six months. We also increased monthly engaged users from 250 to 1500 engaged users per month.

Social media post aggregation for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California


When BNA Wine Group took out a full page in Food and Wine Magazine, timed to coincide with the Aspen festival of the same name, we seized the promotion opportunity and launched a contest campaign centered around the festival appearance, focusing on their unique Nashville ties.

Magazine advertisement for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California

Trip to Nashville, Music City contest webpage design for BNA Wine Group, Napa, California

Building a list for promotion

Beyond developing the ad and contest, the F+W issue and the festival were a launching pad for us to build BNA a robust mailing list (we doubled its original size); and we used landing pages, a tasting booth, iPad sign ups and promotional products to draw in potential brand enthusiasts.