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We’re deep creatives at heart, but love to dig into ​business challenges​ – ​specifically ​the challenge of ​how brand​s​ interact and connect with​ customers, end users, and fanatics alike​.​ Leery of marketing tactics and bored by buzzwords​, ​consumers yearn to experience the honest, feel ​the​ personality​,​ and​ ​see the soul of a brand. We work collaboratively and intentionally to build​ ​brand​s​ that ​aren’t​ afraid to make a ST8MNT​, stand out in ​their ​category, ​and​ most of all – move people.

A history grounded in the creative process

ST8MNT was founded fourteen years ago by two designers with the conviction that thoughtful, exceptional design, strategically conceived and boldly made – does more than set a brand apart or make it handsome.

It makes a brand more profitable.

Our growing team believes in the power of a structured creative process – careful discovery, boundry-pushing exploration, and the refinement of design to draw out the unique. Halfway into our second decade, we remain a boutique Nashville brand agency creating the uncommon in every medium, giving authentic shape, voice and personality to brands ready to make their mark.

What we do

Brand Strategy
Identity Development
Packaging Design
Communications Collateral
Digital & Physical Marketing Campaigns
Messaging, Copywriting & Script Development
Photo & Video Art Direction

Environment Design
Merchandise Design & Manufacturing
Web Design & Development
E-commerce Site Development
UX, UI & App Design
Animation & Motion Design
Sound & Scent Consulting

Diverse clients worldwide

We partner with a wide range of brand conscious clients – from small to large, local to global – in the Hospitality, Entertainment, Spirits, Master Planned Communities, Education, Technology, Professional Services and Consumer Products industries. We also lend creative muscle to other agencies and tech firms, and enjoy playing well with client vendors.

Flexible and focused

We’re able to do big, amazing things for our clients by being boutique and nimble. We focus on quality and the right technology, sprint quickly, and customize our approach. We meet the client where their need is- whether that be for a multi-faceted entity with many stakeholders, several points of contact and 3 partner vendors; or a small business looking for guidance in many areas. Engagements with clients range from project-basis, to short term contracts, to long term retainer involvements.

Core Values

  1. Steward Wisely, work hard to make sure every project is delivered on budget and on time illustration

    Steward Wisely

    Work hard to make sure every project is in budget, on time and best solution

  2. Always grow, keep pushing and never stop learning illustration

    Always Grow

    Keep pushing and never stop learning

  3. Push Creative Limits, never make room for safe, timid, or cautious illustration

    Push Creative Limits

    Never make room for Safe, timid or cautious

  4. Reach For Greatness, Skip Good and Hunt for Better illustration

    Reach for Greatness

    Skip good and hunt for better

  5. Constantly Collaborate, turn away Ego and be open to the ideas of others illustration

    Constantly Collaborate

    Turn away ego and be open to the ideas of others

  6. Big Leaps, let go of fear and figure it out

    Big Leaps

    Let go of fear and figure it out

  7. Rebels for Life, Be your original self and buck the status quo illustration

    Rebels for Life

    Be your original self and buck the status quo

Props & Success Stories

We partner with some great clients, make awesome work and sometimes win trophies and plaques to chuck into the claw machine for kicks. Fact is, the smiles on our clients' faces, along with the success stories they tell us, are the greatest reward of all.

2018 : NATIONAL GOLD ADDY – Union Station Hotel + NATIONAL GOLD ADDY – Taylor Swift Call It What You Want


ST8MNT has been a tremendous partner and has played a key role in re-defining the voice of two iconic brands in our portfolio — Bread & Company and Egg & I.

CHRIS TOMASSO President of First Watch Restaurants


Working with ST8MNT is my assurance of awesome creative collaboration. Fresh design + eye for detail = stellar work.


2015 : 3 GOLD AAF District Addys

2015 : 3 GOLD AAF Nashville Addys & 3 Silver AAF Nashville Addys

We love working with ST8MNT on all our projects – in our industry it’s important we work with a team like ST8MNT that is creative, brainstorms new ideas with us and is able to keep up with the workload, deadlines and consistent changes. ST8MNT meets and exceeds the challenge every time!

AMY MOOREHOUSE Marketing Director of Country Nation, LiveNation

2014 : GOLD AAF Nashville Addy – Nossi College Poster for High Schools

ST8MNT has been a key part of our strategy in developing high end, graphically driven online applications.


2013 : SILVER AAF Nashville Addy – Chris Cagle Back in the Saddle CD Packaging

2013 : SILVER AAF Nashville Addy – Seal Team Six

2013 : GOLD AAF Nashville Addy – Mayan End of the World Holiday card

ST8MNT’s ability to glean information from a client and mold it into a business vision is outstanding.


Ready for the
zombie apocalypse

Our new home has a history filled with money drops, man-traps and stolen cash, all with a repurposed 3000 sq ft vault with endless creative possibilities: < check out The Vault >. Because no way is a little something like the walking dead gonna derail a deadline.

One side former armored truck garage, the other mid-century office slick – our place in the smokin’ SoBro district is a short walk from spankin’ new Nashville high rise hotels and old juke joints where legends hit the stage every night.

ST8MNT Designer Bays photo with Red Bull Flugtag graphic

The "Circle of Trust"

Trusted partners that we've had the pleasure to call 'clients'

  • Client Logo BNAWG
  • Bonnaroo logo for the ST8MNT circle of trust
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated CMT Country Music Television logo
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated National Geographic Channel logo
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated Goo Goo Cluster logo
  • Atlanta Braves
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated Salesforce logo
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated CMA Country Music Association logo
  • Client Logo AC Entertainmnet
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Union University client logo
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated NCVB Nashville Music City logo
  • Rubicon Client Logo
  • Randa Client Logo
  • Fleetcor Client Logo
  • Client Logo Bobby Hotel
  • Union Station Hotel logotype for the ST8MNT circle of trust
  • Westin Client Logo
  • Hutton Hotel Client Logo
  • Client Logo Durham Farms
  • Homestead Client Logo
  • Client Logo Live Nation
  • Taylor Swift Client Logo
  • Carrie Client Underwood
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated Sony logo
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated Universal Music Group logo
  • ST8MNT circle of trust one color treated Big Machine Label Group logo

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