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Nossi College of Art



Brand building for a career-focused art school

Nossi offers degrees in photography, video & film, graphic design media, web & interactive design and illustration. With a studio full of artists, ST8MNT deeply understands the Nossi prospect audience. Over the past four years, ST8MNT has strengthened Nossi’s brand equity through fresh, authentic creative and nimble, yet robust, strategy and technical solutions that deliver results.

Various image of homepage, our campus pagem and program pages in mobile, tablet and desktop responsive states for case study of Nossi college of art in Nashville TN

Redesigning and restructuring Nossi.edu

ST8MNT tore apart Nossi’s old site and re-built it for the way current college prospects use the web. Through analytics and heat mapping, we were able to restructure and redesign relevant information that prospects need, and design mobile-friendly forms and CTAs in all the right places. We also connected the prospect info (with all their individualized tags) into the prospect / student database system so that reps can easily track and communicate appropriately; and a segmented, audience-tailored email marketing drip campaign we developed automatically triggers.

ST8MNT also solved a really big problem – making it easier for prospects to schedule a tour of the campus, and increase the completion rate of tours. A custom mobile-friendly appointment widget was created thats easily found and used for prospects (including reminders), easy for reps to update their availability on giving tours, and integrated into the prospect database system for easy tracking. Their previous typical solutions were a phone number and online chat, both not a fit for a smaller staff with limited resources.

Increased page views by 275%
Increased pages per session by 180%

What do these amazing stats mean? We’re directing the right people (qualified leads through better messaging and better targeting and buys) to the right information, and serving it up in a better way so they can get what they want and let Nossi know. Why does Nossi love it? Better leads that become better retained students (and part of their family).

Form design on Nossi website shown on a mobile device for Nossi College of Art, Nashville, Tennessee

Super targeted digital and social ads bring in leads

Eye-catching digital display ads, Facebook carousel ads and Instagram ads pinpointed to specific audiences with specific interests in specific zipcodes, bring in leads to the website that can be tracked back. These, along with an intense Google Ad Words campaign, ensure interested prospects find their way to the right information and get into the prospect system for communication quickly.

Our “Design and Code” UX program-focused Digital Display campaigns produced a .47% click through rate (education industry average is .22%) to the Nossi website. Through advertising and organic content posting, we increased Facebook sessions by 300% year over year, that accounts for a quarter of their website’s traffic. We had over 20% goal conversion rate for Nossi’s Google search campaigns that drive leads, and 53% goal conversion rate for brand awareness and tour booking campaigns on Instagram.

For Nossi’s 30 second spot, ST8MNT highlights the school’s unique position in Nashville as the best place to start a creative career. We focused on stats that appeal to someone considering career options and highlight some of the benefits of Nossi over other local art colleges; capped off with some sick melting type and attention grabbing graphics. Then we took half their previous media buy budget and made it work twice as hard, by focusing on audience appropriate buys and better performing slots to bring in more qualified leads and spend half the amount of money.
A long form student life spot was also made for campus visits and the website, that instantly communicates Nossi’s culture.

“Slice of life at Nossi,” in a highly-shareable graphic format for socials, were created with Nossi’s youthful, eye-candy loving audience in mind

Animation stills displayed on Been Taught Tumblr feed for Nossi College of Art
Nossi looping gifs of film and video, camera and USB drive twirling for beentaught.tumblr.com

These shorts are shared on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr for brand impressions and engagement, linking to more info.

Illustrations including concept sketch, printed and folded character, illustration of Ossi as part of a marketing campaign for Nossi College of Art, Nashville, Tennessee

Meet Ossi, a maker’s favorite

Activation Required poster as part of High School recruitment marketing campaign of Ossi character for Nossi College of Art, Nashville, Tennessee

ST8MNT created a high school visit poster to attract potential students to the program and be visually compelling enough that teachers and guidance counselors would want to have them on permanent display in their offices. We turned to Ossi, a character we had created for recruitment purposes, as a fun way to present all the diverse programs of Nossi. We color-coded each character according to their program; and embellished its “package” with the bonuses and benefits each program has to offer, to give prospective students the full picture of the career possibilities and nudge them toward enrollment. Drawing inspiration from the popular Japanese Manga style of illustration and their busy packaging style, we set out to create a poster that was full to the brim of descriptive information about Nossi and chock-full of illustrative elements.

Printed and foldable mailer of Ossi character as part of a mail marketing promotional campaign for Nossi College of Art, Nashville, Tennessee

Ossi Direct Mail Campaign

ST8MNT developed the Ossi campaign to engage prospective students to sign up for a tour, or inform Nossi of their program interests by way of visiting a responsive landing page or using the direct mail response postcard. We created a unique experience with this direct mailer through a papercraft bobblehead robot by the name of Ossi. The campaign engagement was taken a step farther as participants were asked enter a contest to capture their best Ossi in action by uploading videos and photos via Vine, Instagram, and Twitter for the chance to win a free iPad. Ossi comes with a personal letter explaining how Nossi could help potentials activate their untapped talents for successful careers in photography, videography, graphic design, and illustration. An email blast was sent to prospects with addresses to look for Ossi in the mail, and to prospects without addresses asking them to send to participate in the contest.

Campaign emails in email windows as part of Ossi marketing campaing for Nossi College of Art, Nashville, Tennessee

All Access
Your backstage pass to a creative career

All Access digital and print campaign including social aggregation of facebook, website banners, twitter and postcard for Nossi College of Art, Nashville, Tennessee

ST8MNT wanted to focus on Nossi’s unique ability to connect students with work experience before they graduate, and how those work-experience opportunities are some of the best and most exciting events in Nashville (Work developed for big name clients and local events, like CMA Fest, the Dragon Boat Festival, Nashville Fashion Week and much more). These student activities are not simply internships like other schools, so we branded the product, naming it “Nossi All Access,” and developed a strategy outlining the language, messaging, and visual guide. By matching art students with exclusive, project-based work opportunities before graduation, All Access provides students with a strategic advantage: more experience, better portfolios, a higher level of confidence and a greater chance of career success. We created a website page full of info, emails within the drip campaigns, social media content, and direct mail postcards.